Following a multi-year effort of visionary state facility directors, a decision was made in the fall of 2011 to engage the 21st Century School Fund (21CSF) in preparing a feasibility study on creating a national, non-profit organization to support state agency officials responsible for PK-12 public school facilities. The Advancement Project funded this feasibility study. Grunwald Associates LLC, a research and consulting firm, was engaged by 21CSF to assist with the study.

The study was conducted in three phases: background research on the state roles related to PK-12 public school facilities issues currently facing states; input from state officials on the potential utility and purpose of a national association of state agency officials; best practice review of the governance, organizational, and revenue models for a national association of state facility officials.

The key findings of the background research and interaction with state facility officials are:

  1. State roles and responsibilities for public school facilities are complex and increasing, but there is tremendous variability across states in HOW they are engaged with local school districts related to facilities.

  2.  The fiscal environment for capital investment has remained relatively strong, but the operating environment for public school facilities is weaker than it has been in a generation.

  3. There is no governmental, non-profit or for profit organization established to specifically meet the range of unique needs of state agencies or officials responsible for PK-12 facilities.

The state PK-12 public school facility leaders engaged in this planning and feasibility process determined that there is a need for a professional organization where state officials responsible for PK-12 public facility infrastructure can build a knowledge base of research, data and best practices to guide facilities work for today and for the future; where they can collaborate across states to save time and money; and where they can help guide and influence federal, state and local policy and practice affecting PK-12 public school facilities.

Research the Conditions of Our Nation's School Infrastructure

The 2016 State of the Schools Report  provides a state and national analysis of 20 years of maintenance and operations spending and capital construction investments on our nation's public school facilities. Aditionally, an infographic  was created to visually present the nation's PK-12 school infrastructure conditions.

The 2013 Report Card on America's Infrastructure - Schools, prepared by the American Society of Civil Engineers, gave our nation's school infrastructure a D grade. Learn why our school buildings scored so low.

Learn More about U.S. States Capital Outlay

State Capital Spending on PK-12 School Facilities, prepared by the 21st Century School Fund, examines each U.S. state's capital outlay from 2005-2008 for elementary and secondary public education facility construction and modernization.

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