The 21st Century School Fund provides staffing and support to the National Council on School Facilities.

           1816 12th Street, NW

            Thurgood Marshall Center

            Washington, DC 20009

            Tel: 202-745-3745

            E-mail: [at]

For general inquiries and partnering/sponsorship opportunities, contact Mr. Alex Donahue at adonahue [at]

For information about state memberships, contact Mr. Alex Donahue or the Council representative for your region:

  Northeast: Mr. Bernie Piaia, Director of Facilities, New Jersey Dept. of Education; bernie.piaia [at]

  Midwest: Mr. Gary Schwartz, School Facilities Consultant, Iowa Dept. of Education; gary.schwartz [at]

  South: Mr. Brad Montgomery, Director of Facilities, Arkansas Dept. of Education; brad.montgomery [at]

  West: Mr. Michael Elliott, School Facilities Coordinator, Oregon Dept. of Education; michael.s.elliott [at]


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