Austin Independent School District, TX, Elementary School Educational Specifications 2014

This educational specifications document focuses on five major concepts that support and contribute to successful learning in prekindergarten (pre-K) through grade 12: curriculum connections, career pathways, technology connections, community linkages, and safety and security. As required by AISD Board Policy CS(LEGAL)-P: FACILITY STANDARDS, the design of AISD educational facilities must be instructionally driven, and be able to successfully accommodate the engaging delivery of appropriate grade level curriculum to all AISD students. Further, the policy requires that the District include, as part of its facility standards, a written “Educational Program”, summarizing AISD’s educational philosophy, mission and goals, and a description of the general nature of the District’s instructional program in accordance with Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 19, Part II, Chapter 74 – Curriculum Requirements. This requirement is specific to AISD providing all necessary instruction in the Essential Knowledge and Skills of each appropriate grade level in its Foundation Curriculum and Enrichment Curriculum. Download Plan