Lake Washington School District, WA, Educational Specifications 2013

The purpose of educational specifications is to provide guidelines for planning educational facilities. It is a document that provides guidelines for the design of a school building, connecting a school district’s educational philosophy with the built environment (site and building). The Lake Washington School District educational specifications are divided into separate components: a vision description and a performance-based specification. Both components are applicable to any major school construction project - whether the project is a modernization, a replacement or a new school. The vision description and performance-based specification are the baseline for the design of the new and the replacement projects included the 2014 bond. The education specification is intended to be an eight-year document, and will be updated again in 2020-2021. The Educational Specifications define the program elements for a typical school at each specific level, but other optional programs, such as preschool or some special services elements, can be “plugged in” as is appropriate for individual schools. Download Plan