New York City Department of Education, Capital Plan, 2015

In January 2016, the Department of Education (DOE) proposed a $14.9 billion Capital Plan Amendment for FY2015 – 2019. This amendment proposes the same funding level, which represents an increase of $1.4 billion from the Spring 2015 Adopted Amendment. Through this plan, we will invest in New York City’s future, continuing to create the school buildings and facilities that the City’s children need and deserve. This plan will allow for the continued advancement of our goals of growth, sustainability, equity and resilience by creating more than 44,000 seats in areas of current overcrowding and projected enrollment growth as well as taking significant steps to address pre-kindergarten need. We will continue to make investments in our infrastructure, thereby providing the framework for enhanced educational services and better facilities for the City’s more than one million school children and the teachers and staff who serve them. Download Plan