Montgomery County Public Schools, MD, Environmental Sustainability Management Plan 2014

The Environmental Sustainability Management Plan celebrates all MCPS has achieved to date and charts a course for the next chapter of our sustainability programs and practices. The following pages convey goals, describe a planning framework for taking action, and articulate how we will measure our progress into the future. This plan is a living document to which we will continue to add strategies and actions that keep us moving forward. Working together to implement the Environmental Sustainability Management Plan in the 21st century, we will continually explore innovations that keep us at the forefront as pioneers in the journey toward a more sustainable future. Download Plan

Denver Public Schools, CO, Sustainability Management Plan 2012

Funded with a grant from the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office, this Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) has been developed to take stock of DPS’s progress toward sustainability to date and create a cohesive plan for the District to effectively manage energy, resource use, waste production, and other practices to reduce impacts and generate cost savings while also supporting students, teachers, and staff. The overall purpose of this SMP is to create a road map of sustainability for DPS and to provide an overall framework for sustainability that includes key goals, strategies, and actions to support sustainability in District facilities, operations, and curriculum. The remainder of this SMP provides an overview of the development process, a snapshot of the District’s current sustainability practices, and a framework for action to further sustainability in the District. The goals and strategies identified in the SMP have been developed around five focus areas identified by District staff and key community stakeholders:

• Conserve Resources: Energy, Water, Climate, and Green Building

• Close Loops: Waste and Procurement

• Use Land Wisely and for Multiple Benefits

• Prepare Students for the Future

• Support Employees

Download Plan

Boone County School District, KY, Energy Management Plan 2011

Boone County School District is committed to improving district-wide energy performance. The following Energy Management Action Plan details key strategies to reduce energy consumption and save money. This plan outlines district procedures and guiding principles that relate to the energy performance of the Boone County School buildings, including education and awareness, temperature, lighting, plug-load, new construction, water conservation, renewable energy, and green purchasing. Download Plan

Los Angeles Unified School District, Strategic Plan for Sustainable Energy Management and Environmental Stewardship 2007

This Strategic Plan for Sustainable Energy Management and Environmental Stewardship (Plan) will help us fulfill the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) vision of serving the community as a center of education and community. We developed this Plan as a platform for making smart financial and thoughtful environmental decisions about sustainable and energy-saving practices as we build, refurbish, and maintain our schools and offices. The Plan is both a guide and workbook. It describes how we intend to implement our approach and how it will be improved. Whether schools are new or old, this plan will help operations staff, design teams, and others accomplish environmental goals and balance costs. The Plan provides the strategies, best practices, resources and tools we can use to meet our objectives outlined. Download Plan