Baltimore County Public Schools, MD, Comprehensive Maintenance Plan 2013

The FY13 Comprehensive Maintenance Plan (CMP) contains an overview, as well as a detailed description of the work being completed and organizational adjustment that were implemented within the Department of Physical Facilities, during the 2012 school year. The Department of Physical Facilities includes the Offices of Engineering and Construction, Maintenance and Grounds, and Operations. Under the Strategic Initiative Section, approved programs for FY13 have been included. We believe a successful facilities program is one that is customer oriented, cost effective, and current with technological advances. Download Plan

Carroll County Public Schools, MD, Comprehensive Maintenance Plan 2012

This comprehensive maintenance plan is established to help identify, improve and develop the plant maintenance program of the Carroll County School System. Educational programs and services mandate that their instructional delivery be presented within educational facilities that provide a safe and healthy environment. The mission of both the Plant Maintenance and Plant Operations Departments is to ensure that the proper environment is provided while managing the efficient use of all resources. Download Plan

Hobbs Municipal Schools, NM, Preventive Maintenance Plan 2015

The purpose of the Hobbs Municipal Schools’ Preventive Maintenance Program is to ensure that our district will properly maintain its facilities and equipment so that they are fully operational to effectively support our instructional programs and activities. It incorporates the diverse facility requirements of all the buildings and grounds of our district. We will endeavor to execute this program, thereby enhancing the learning environment by reducing classroom disruptions and minimizing long‐term investment in equipment repairs. This program contains all of the detailed procedures associated with the facilities’ preventive maintenance program. If effectively implemented, this plan will meet state statute maintenance guidelines and effectively manage the costs associated with maintenance and operations. The preventive maintenance plan will be updated periodically, to incorporate facility and equipment changes, resource adjustments, and new maintenance technologies. Any changes to procedures or guidelines shall be reviewed and approved by the Director of Operations or designee. Download Plan